Hi, we are Mannov.

Always with strategic and emotional depth.
Always here to help you help your customers.

We are a Public Relations agency with a single purpose — to make them care. Care about your brand, your product, and your idea.

It means working hard, pushing creative boundaries and putting earned content at the heart of an integrated range of services. Spanning everything from content marketing to traditional and social media.

Mannov is part of the FEW family. Southern Sweden's largest communication agency. 

Bringing it together, making brands influencers and people care about one another.

Simple but with creative tension.


Meet Carl Magnus

Carl Magnus Cronholm


CEO and head honcho of the FEW Group. Grand master in strategic communication and regular advisor for leaders of larger business organizations. A Nostradamus of communication trends and new media. Used to run his own publishing house.

Meet Malin

Malin Fredriksson


Undisputed authority in project management, event coordination and cheese. Former chief press officer at Falsterbo Horse Show who knows every important Swedish blog profile by their given name. Also knows how to get things done. Rapidly.

Meet Lina

Lina Roodro


Crossfit aficionado with more than eight years of wizardry experience in strategic PR and content marketing. Has a sweet tooth for tech and consumer PR, and loves to tell you all about Norway’s advantages over Sweden.

Meet Petter

Petter Claesson


Fashionable cineast with a background as a planner at Forsman & Bodenfors. Blue-collar with an answer for every question you might have about branding, market PR and sous-vide cooking.

Meet Jonas

Jonas Grönlund


Senior DJ and former journalist with a killer jump shot. Has created buzz and sparked dialogues with qualitative content across various media and social media platforms for more than a decade.

Jesper Wendel


Microphone marauder with 7+ years of experience in PR, strategy and digital communications. Represents the east coast, but keeps part of his heart in France. Knows all there is to know about peddling cider in Ireland and making the perfect carbonara.

Meet Lucero

Lucero Olivares


Language and communications nerd with a background in journalism and a penchant for storytelling. A food and film loving polyglot, as well as a trusty source for your daily dose of pop culture and trending hashtags.

Allex Olsson

Social Media Coordinator

Communicative boy wonder and late millennial raised on social media. Tech nerd, hand-picked from the Digital Cultures bachelor’s program at Lund University. Keeps up with everything from the latest smart home solutions to the Kardashians.