A platform for sweet debate

We’ve been proud masters of content for Dansukker and Nordic Sugar since 2006, having created a whole lot of content that inspires, entertains, educates, and engages their audiences.

Sugar has a history of eliciting all sorts of reactions, but opportunities for elaborate discussion on the sweet topic have previously been limited. In 2007, we moved to mend this very issue.

Enter The Sugar School - a yearly forum arranged in collaboration with high profile Swedish chefs, encouraging media, bloggers, and influencers to take part in a relevant and informed dialogue about all things sugar.

One of the most recent chapters was arranged with winner of Channel 5 production Dessertmästarna, Marie Skogström.

Our consistent work with Dansukker has not only strengthened its brand in the industry, but also resulted in positive long-term relationships with editorial teams, bloggers and food journalists.

The Sugar School gets a considerable amount of press in some of Sweden’s most notable food magazines.