Attention worth millions

Hosting the Eurovision Song Contest is - of course - a pretty big deal, and in 2013, the city of Malmö got to do the honors. Though certainly an indisputable win for Malmö, a notable challenge with these large-scale events is to have its PR benefits reach beyond its host city.

Assigned by Region Skåne, and in collaboration with our sister agency FEW, we tackled the task of getting all 33 municipalities of Skåne to engage with the ESC event and commit to its core values.

Eurovision School Contest is the fruit of our labor, fueled by one of our most valuable insights: activating children by the numbers engages adults in their proximity.

More than 18,000 pupils across classrooms from every elementary school in Skåne competed for a chance to attend an ESC rehearsal, with each entry presenting a vision of the Europe of tomorrow.

The winning entries did not only receive prizes at the rehearsal, but also graced the likes of 323 Skånetrafiken buses across the region.

Apart from developing the concept and managing the event, Mannov was responsible for planning logistics, such as getting the 8500 winning participants to the rehearsal on public transportation.

Eurovision School Contest is estimated to have earned Region Skåne a PR value of 10 million Swedish kronor. The event was such a great success that the arrival of Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen 2014 called for an encore, this time involving pupils from all over Denmark as well as Skåne.